Check Out Our Vendors from Nutmeg 2021!

Come visit our vendors during the meal breaks -- Friday dinner, Saturday lunch, and Saturday dinner.


In the Milford Green "homeroom" on Zoom, each vendor will have a Breakout Room. Just come to Milford Green, click the Breakout Rooms button, and Join the room you want. (It'll be easy. We'll let you practice that at the Opening Gatherings on Friday and Saturday.) You can talk with the vendors, see and hear their merchandise, ask questions, etc. For those who have websites, we'll also have links to their Store pages, so you can place orders easily.


Folkcraft Instruments

Mountain dulcimers, plus the cases, tab books, string sets, and everything else a player needs. Also, dulcimer parts for builders of all skill levels.

Richard Ash, the owner, will teach a workshop, "All About Tone Woods."


Tom Irving

Possum Pads, Uke Pads, Dulci-Wrests, Neater Noters, Tom's Noter Cubes, and more.

Bernd Krause

Mountain dulcimer builder near Binghamton, NY. Bernd also builds ukuleles, mandolins, guitars, and other instruments.

Joellen Lapidus


Lapidus and McSpadden mountain dulcimers, cases and other accessories.


Songbird Dulcimers

Songbird hammered dulcimers, plus stands and other accessories.

Chris Foss, the founder, will teach a workshop on Care & Feeding of Your Hammered Dulcimer.