Friday-Saturday, Oct. 23-24, 2015

Thank You for another amazing year!!!

We'll see you in 2016!

The Nutmeg Dulcimer Festival is held every October in southern Connecticut. We are a Friday-Saturday festival, with a full program of workshops for hammered and mountain dulcimer players of all levels. In addition, concerts both evenings are open to the general public.

We believe that hammered dulcimers and mountain dulcimers are among the world's most wonderful musical instruments. They're fun to play, and fun to listen to. They belong in both folk music and popular music.  Our mission is to bring dulcimers and dulcimer music into public awareness.

John McCutcheon

John McCutcheon is a one-man folk festival, famed for his performances on hammered dulcimer, fiddle, and at least half a dozen other instruments.  He's a powerful songwriter, and profoundly connected to the music he performs. John has released 36 albums, and has earned 7 Grammy nominations. He doesn't play many small dulcimer festivals, and Nutmeg is thrilled to bring him here.

Janita Baker

Janita Baker is renowned for her fingerpicked 4-string dulcimer arrangements of delta and country blues, classical, traditional, ragtime, swing, and original music. She's a masterful teacher, and also (together with her husband) masterful builder of Blue Lion dulcimers and guitars. We saw her at another festival a few years ago and immediately knew we should bring her to Nutmeg.

Workshop Leaders & Vendors

Richard Ash

Don Briggs

Rich Carty

Heidi Cerrigione

John Cerrigione

Cliff Cole

Bill Collins

Carrie Crompton

Sam Edelston

Ron Ewing

Mack Johnston

Deb Justice

Marya Katz

Brett Ridgeway

Sally Rogers

Bill Ruyle

Tommy Slothower

Lucy Joan Sollogub

Barb Truex

Carol Walker

Jon Weinberg

Dwain Wilder

Nina Zanetti