Mark your calendar for

Friday-Saturday, Oct. 4-5, 2019

16th annual Nutmeg Dulcimer Festival.

Featured artists will be announced

in the next few days.

Once again, we'll be at Mary Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church

168 Broad Street, Milford, Connecticut


The Nutmeg Dulcimer Festival is held every October in southern Connecticut. We are a Friday-Saturday festival, with a full program of workshops for hammered and mountain dulcimer players of all levels. In addition, concerts both evenings are open to the general public.
We believe that hammered dulcimers and mountain dulcimers are among the world's most wonderful musical instruments. They're fun to play, and fun to listen to. They belong in both folk music and popular music.  Our mission is to bring dulcimers and dulcimer music into public awareness.

2018 Featured artists were:


Rob Brereton & Thomasina Levy - mountain dulcimers



AppalAsia - mountain dulcimer, erhu, & banjo

Marina Albero - hammered dulcimer



AppalAsia is ...


Jeff Berman ... mountain dulcimer

Mimi Jong ... erhu

Susan Powers ... banjo & vocal


A unique combination rooted in Appalachian and Asian music traditions with original composition and inspired improvisation. Some of you will remember Jeff from when he taught at Nutmeg 5-6 years ago.


Appalasia video link

Marina Albero

Marina Albero plays hammered dulcimer (and all kinds of keyboard instruments), with influences from jazz, flamenco, early music, and more. She grew up in Spain, and moved to Seattle four years ago.


Marina video link

Rob Brereton &

Thomasina Levy

Before Nutmeg, there was the Housatonic Dulcimer Celebration, and for our 15th anniversary, we're thrilled to have two of its leaders as a featured duo. Both also perform solo, but they make particularly beautiful music together.


Rob Brereton is a pioneer in contemporary mountain dulcimer playing, especially "standards" and early jazz tunes -- who also excels at traditional American and British folk music.


Thomasina is a singer, songwriter, and former Connecticut State Troubador who blends traditional and contemporary folk music. Her music has been aired in over 20 countries. And, in fact, she has a brand new CD called Parallel Universe.


Rob video link

Thomasina video link


Workshop leaders:


Rich Carty, Cliff Cole, Sam Edelston, Ron Ewing, Rudy Gabrielson, George Haggerty, Deb Justice, Marya Katz, Dian Killian, Ellen Pratt, Brett Ridgeway, Sally Rogers, Bill Ruyle, Carol Walker, Jon Weinberg, Dwain Wilder, Shirley Wong, Nina Zanetti, and more