Thank you, everybody, for an AMAZING Nutmeg.

We look forward to seeing many of you in '22!


Schedule - 2021 Nutmeg Dulcimer Festival - all on Zoom


Start times for all periods are listed for the 4 contiguous USA time zones. We are located in the Eastern time zone, like New York. The United Kingdom is 5 hours ahead of us. Central Europe (France, Germany, etc.) is 6 hours ahead of us. Japan is 13 hours ahead of us.



Hammered Dulcimer

Mountain Dulcimer

(Special mini-tracks in purple)

Bowed Dulcimer,

All-instrument, Other

Friday -- 

1:00–1:45 ET

12:00 CT

11:00 MT

10:00 PT

Opening Gathering - Announcements, social time, etc.

Friday 1 -

2:00–3:00 ET

1:00 CT

12:00 MT

11:00 PT

  Hammered Dulcimer 101 – Marya Katz (BEG) 

  Moving Forward by Simply Backing Up – Dave Neiman (MID)

  Paradiddles, Flams, and Why They Matter – Cliff Cole (MID-ADV)


   Mountain Dulcimer 101 – Norm Williams (BEG)

   History of the Appalachian Dulcimer – John Hallberg (ALL)

   Spirituals – Nina Zanetti (NOV) 

   Bass Dulcimer Styles – Kirk House (NOV-INT)

   Joni Mitchell Style – Joellen Lapidus (INT)

   Turlough O'Carolan Tunes – Bill Collins (INT-ADV)

   Easy Blues for Ukulele – Lil' Rev

Friday 2 -

3:15–4:15 ET

2:15 CT

1:15 MT

12:15 PT

  Hammered Dulcimer 102 – Carrie Crompton (BEG) 

  German Christmas Carols: The Ones You Don't Know – Carmen Amrein (MID)

  Tunes From Taize – Marya Katz (ADV)

   Mountain Dulcimer 102: Next Steps – Sandy Lafleur (BEG)

   Dulcimeditation – Kevin Roth (ALL)

   Less Is More: Noter-Style Dulcimer – Bill Collins (ALL)

   Fingerpicking "Training Wheels"– Nina Zanetti (NOV)

   The Lower String Is Your Best Friend! – Cristian Huet (INT-ADV)

   Texas Fiddle Tunes – Mark Gilston (ADV)

   Singing With Expression – Juliana Parker (ALL)

Friday 3 -

4:30–5:30 ET

3:30 CT

2:30 MT

1:30 PT

  Mapping the Hammered Dulcimer – Cliff Cole (BEG)

  Care & Feeding of Your Hammered Dulcimer – Chris Foss (ALL)

  Bill's Hammering Techniques – Bill Robinson (MID-ADV)

  Advanced Japanese Music – MiMi Hashizume (ADV)


   Let's Go a-Chording – Norm Williams (BEG)

   Dulcimer Playing & Ergonomics – Bill Collins (ALL)

   Putting Theory Into Practice – Sandy Lafleur (NOV-INT)

   Bass Dulcimer: Playing In the Box – Kirk House (INT)

   Balkan Music & Additive Rhythms – Mark Gilston (INT)

   Modern Left-Hand Style – Cristian Huet (ADV)

   Metronome Tricks for More Advanced Players – Judy House

5:30–7:00 ET

4:30 CT

3:30 MT

2:30 PT

Dinner, Vendors, and more

7:00-9:30 ET

6:00 CT

5:00 MT

4:00 PT

Concert: WORKSHOP LEADERS, part 1

Thomasina Levy, Kirk & Judy House, Marya Katz, Sandy Lafleur, Dave Neiman, Michele Gourley, Cliff Cole, Nina Zanetti, Kevin Roth (Lineup subject to change.)

Saturday -- 

9:00–9:45 ET

8:00 CT

7:00 MT

6:00 PT

Morning Gathering - Announcements, social time, etc.

Saturday 1 -

10:00–11:15 ET

9:00 CT

8:00 MT

7:00 PT

   Scales, Exercises, and Improving Your Bridge Crossings - Dave Neiman (BEG)

   Playing With Two Voices – MiMi Hashizume (MID)

   Baroque Salterio Music – Carmen Amrein (ADV)

   String Side Up – Bill Collins (BEG)

   Care & Feeding of Your Mountain Dulcimers – Joellen Lapidus (ALL)

   Playing Multi-Part Arrangements – Kirk & Judy House (ALL)

   Playing By Ear – Ellen Pratt (NOV-INT)

   Playing in Other Keys – Grant Olson (INT)

   Music of Scandinavia – Mark Gilston (ADV)

   TablEdit for Experienced Users – Melanie Johnston


  How to Improve Your Practice & Performance – Michele Gourley (ALL)

Saturday 2 - 11:30–12:30 ET

10:30 CT

9:30 MT

8:30 PT

   Shuffle Time – Carrie Crompton (BEG)

  Bill Robinson's Greatest Hits – Bill Robinson (MID)

  It's German Polka Time! – Carmen Amrein (MID)

  Basic Skill of Beats – MiMi Hashizume (ADV)




   Pop and Rock Basics – Sam Edelston (BEG)

   The Onederful 1 1/2 Fret – Sandy Lafleur (NOV)

   What You Can Learn From Bass Players – Kirk House (NOV-INT)

   Don't Use That Finger! – Grant Olson (INT-ADV)

   Turning a Simple Song Into a Masterpiece – Cristian Huet (INT-ADV)

   TablEdit for New Users – Melanie Johnston


   Blues Harmonica 101 – Lil' Rev



Saturday 3 -

1:45–3:00 ET

12:45 CT

11:45 MT

10:45 PT

  Accents for Emphasis – Marya Katz (BEG)

  Hammered Dulcimers of Western Europe – Carmen Amrein (ALL)

  Triad Rolls – Carrie Crompton (MID)

  Accompanying Malcolm Dalglish Choral Music – Patti Amelotte (ADV)


   Stressless Strumming – Ellen Pratt (BEG)

   Noodling (and a Way to Remember It) – Norm Williams (NOV)

   Songwriting With the Mountain Dulcimer – Thomasina Levy (NOV-ADV)

   Music of the Medieval Period – Nina Zanetti (INT)

   Chromatic Dulcimer and Its Superpowers – Sam Edelston (INT-ADV)

   Huet-Style Workshop – Cristian Huet (ADV)


   Solfege for the Folkie's Soul – Juliana Parker (ALL)

   Tips for Improving Your Teaching – Judy House (INT-ADV)

Saturday 4 -

3:15–4:15 ET

2:15 CT

1:15 MT

12:15 PT

  A Brief History of Time Signatures – Cliff Cole (BEG)

  Tunes With Stories Behind Them – Bill Robinson (MID)

  Creating Solo Arrangements – Dave Neiman (ADV)


   Beginners' Roundtable – Nina Zanetti (BEG)

   All About Tone Woods – Richard Ash (ALL)

   Improving Your Fingering – Judy House (NOV-INT)

   Chromatic Dulcimer: Jewish Music & the Freygish Scale – Mark Gilston (INT)

   Galax Tunes – Ellen Pratt (INT)

   Flexible Fingerpicking – Grant Olson (ADV)

  Turning Poems Into Songs – Juliana Parker (ALL)

Saturday 5 -

4:30-5:30 ET

3:30 CT

2:30 MT

1:30 PT

  Traditional Japanese Music – MiMi Hashizume (BEG)

  Easy Improvisation – Marya Katz (MID)

  Modern Hackbrett Music – Carmen Amrein (ADV)

   Easy Dulcimer Repertoire – Sandy Lafleur (BEG)

   Darn Good Ditties – Ellen Pratt (NOV)

   Developing Your Hand Skills – Norm Williams (INT)

   Fingerstyle Seminar – Nina Zanetti (INT-ADV)

   Chromatic Dulcimer: Bach to the Chromatic – Grant Olson (INT-ADV)

   Forming & Running Your Own Ensemble – Kirk & Judy House (INT-ADV)


   Ukulele: Super-Cool Strum Hand Techniques - Lil' Rev

5:30–7:00 ET

4:30 CT

3:30 MT

2:30 PT

Dinner break

7:00-9:00 ET

6:00 CT

5:00 MT

4:00 PT

Featured Concert, spanning the world:

CRISTIAN HUET (Paris, France)




Sunday -- 

1:00-1:45 ET

12:00 CT

11:00 MT

10:00 PT

"Don't Let the Weekend Die" jam

Go to the Milford Green link in your



2:00-4:30 ET

1:00 CT

12:00 MT

11:00 PT

Concert: WORKSHOP LEADERS, part 2


Lil' Rev, Norm Williams, Carmen Amrein, Juliana Parker, Joellen Lapidus, Mark Gilston, Patti Amelotte, Sam Edelston (Lineup subject to change)