Schedule - 2020 Nutmeg Dulcimer Festival.

The 2021 schedule may differ slightly.

Start times for all periods are listed for the 4 contiguous USA time zones. We are located in the Eastern time zone, like New York. The United Kingdom is 5 hours ahead of us. Central Europe (France, Germany, etc.) is 6 hours ahead of us.


Hammered Dulcimer

Mountain Dulcimer

Bowed Dulcimer,

All-instrument, Other

Friday -- 

1:00–1:45 ET

12:00 CT

11:00 MT

10:00 PT

Opening Gathering - Announcements, social time, etc. THIS IS FROM 2020.

Friday 1 -

2:00–3:00 ET

1:00 CT

12:00 MT

11:00 PT

  Hammered Dulcimer 101 - Marya Katz (BEG)

  Tasty Rolls – Bill Ruyle (MID)

  Hand Separation – Randy Marchany (MID-ADV)

   Mountain Dulcimer 101 – Carol Walker (BEG)

   Phalanges Pilates – Pam Weeks (ALL)

   John Prine Songs – Rudy Gabrielson (NOV)

   Rhythms, From Appalachia to the World – Mack Johnston (INT) 

   What the L: Lydian and Locrian – Randy Raine-Reusch (ADV)

   Mountain Dulcimer Care and Maintenance – Richard Ash (ALL) (added session)

   Own Your Singing Voice – Juliana Parker (ALL)

Friday 2 -

3:15–4:15 ET

2:15 CT

1:15 MT

12:15 PT

  Hammered Dulcimer 102 – Cliff Cole (BEG) 

  As Easy As 1, 2, 3! – Jody Marshall (MID)

  6th and 7th Chords – Bill Ruyle (MID-ADV)

   Mountain Dulcimer 102 – Norm Williams (BEG)

   History of the Appalachian Dulcimer – John Hallberg (ALL)

   Intro to DGD Tuning – Pam Weeks (NOV-ADV)

   Musicianship – Ken Bloom (ALL)

   Dulcimer Musician’s Paintbox – Melanie Johnston (INT-ADV)

   Practice Smarter, Not Harder – Brett Ridgeway (ALL)

Friday 3 -

4:30–5:30 ET

3:30 CT

2:30 MT

1:30 PT

  Rudiments for Beginners – Joshua Messick (BEG)

  Renaissance Tunes – Marya Katz (MID)

  Alternative Tunings and Note Bending – Bill Ruyle (ADV)


   Rock & Roll for Beginners – Rudy Gabrielson (BEG)

   What Goes Into Building a Dulcimer – Bernd Krause (ALL)

   A Jam? What Do I Do? – Norm Williams (NOV)

   Flatpickery – Randy Raine-Reusch (INT)

   Dulcimer Orchestra – Mack Johnston (INT-ADV)

   What Diatonic Players Can Learn From Jazz – Stephen Seifert (ADV)

   Musical Storytelling Part 1 – Juliana Parker (ALL)

5:30–7:00 ET

4:30 CT

3:30 MT

2:30 PT

Dinner, Vendors, and more

7:00-9:15 ET

6:00 CT

5:00 MT

4:00 PT

Concert: WORKSHOP LEADERS, part 1 THIS IS FROM 2020.

Pam Weeks, Bill Ruyle, Norm Williams, Juliana Parker, Carol Walker, Marya Katz, Randy Raine-Reusch, Randy Marchany

(Subject to change)

Saturday -- 

9:00–9:45 ET

8:00 CT

7:00 MT

6:00 PT

Morning Gathering - Announcements, social time, etc.

Saturday 1 -

10:00–11:15 ET

9:00 CT

8:00 MT

7:00 PT

   Way-Laid-Back Hammered Dulcimer - Brett Ridgeway (BEG)

   Blues for Beginners – Cliff Cole (BEG)

   Warm-up drills – Randy Marchany (MID-ADV)

   Chromatic Scales – Joshua Messick (ADV)

   Basics for Beginners – Ellen Pratt (BEG)

   Chords Rule! – Melanie Johnston (BEG-NOV)

   Professor Walker’s Warmups – Carol Walker (NOV-INT)

   Rockin’ Rhythm – Rudy Gabrielson (INT)

   Freeing Up Your Playing With Pentatonic Scales – Jerry Rockwell (INT-ADV)

   4-Note Chords – Pam Weeks (ADV)

   Beginning Bowed Dulcimer – Ken Bloom (BEG)

   Singing in the Tradition – Norm Williams (ALL) 

Saturday 2 - 11:30–12:30 ET

10:30 CT

9:30 MT

8:30 PT

   Taking Care of Your Hammered Dulcimer – James Jones (ALL)

   Movable Chords for Hammered Dulcimer – Brett Ridgeway (BEG)

   Joining the Jam – Cliff Cole (MID-ADV)

   Woodland Dance – Joshua Messick (ADV)


   Mountain Dulcimer Care and Maintenance – Richard Ash (ALL)

   It’s All About the Strum – Mack Johnston (BEG)

   How to Play Chords in Jams – Ellen Pratt (NOV)

   Whiskey All Over Your Dulcimer – Norm Williams (NOV-INT)

   Classic Rock Phrasing – Sam Edelston (INT-ADV)

   TablEdit Tips and Tricks for Experienced Users – Melanie Johnston

   Bowed Dulcimer for Experienced Players – Ken Bloom (EXPERIENCED)

   We Need a Little Christmas! – Jody Marshall (ALL INSTR.)



Saturday 3 -

1:45–3:00 ET

12:45 CT

11:45 MT

10:45 PT

   Major and Relative Minor Triads – Bill Ruyle (BEG)

   Introduction to Persian Music – Sadaf Amini  (MID-ADV)

   Classical Tune Transcription – Marya Katz (ADV)


   Songs for Children – Ellen Pratt (BEG)

   Name It, Use It!  – Carol Walker (NOV-ADV)

   Jam-A-Rounds – Jerry Rockwell (INT)

   The Great North American Raga – Randy Raine-Reusch (ADV)

   TablEdit for New Users – Melanie Johnston

   Bowed Dulcimer Repertoire – Ken Bloom (EXPERIENCED)

   No Strings Attached Waltzes – Randy Marchany (ALL INSTR. MID-ADV)

Saturday 4 -

3:15–4:15 ET

2:15 CT

1:15 MT

12:15 PT

   Celtic Gems – Jody Marshall (BEG)

   Dynamics – Joshua Messick (MID)

   Persian Ornamentations – Sadaf Amini  (ADV)

   Improvisation – Randy Marchany (ADV)


   Movable Chords for Mountain Dulcimer – Brett Ridgeway (BEG)

   Singing & Strumming With Your Dulcimer – Tom Irving (NOV)

   Deciphering Songs by Ear – Ellen Pratt (INT)

   Adding New Dimensions – Carol Walker (INT-ADV)

   Jazz on Chromatic Dulcimer – Stephen Seifert (ADV)

  Backup Guitar for Mountain Dulcimer – Mack Johnston (NOV-INT)

Saturday 5 -

4:30-5:30 ET

3:30 CT

2:30 MT

1:30 PT

  Campfire Songs – Marya Katz (BEG)

  Planxty O’Carolan – Cliff Cole (MID-ADV)

  Twisted Tunes – Jody Marshall (ADV)

  Easy Harmony – Sam Edelston (BEG)

  Repeat After Me – Jerry Rockwell (NOV)

  Stompin’ Improv – Randy Raine-Reusch (INT-ADV)

  Crooked Quebecois Tunes – Pam Weeks (INT-ADV)

   Musical Storytelling Part 2 – Juliana Parker (ALL)

5:30–7:00 ET

4:30 CT

3:30 MT

2:30 PT

Dinner break

7:00-9:00 ET

6:00 CT

5:00 MT

4:00 PT


Sunday -- 

1:00-1:45 ET

12:00 CT

11:00 MT

10:00 PT

"Don't Let the Weekend Die" jam

Go to the Milford Green link in your



2:00-4:15 ET

1:00 CT

12:00 MT

11:00 PT

Concert: WORKSHOP LEADERS, part 2 THIS IS FROM 2020.

Stephen Seifert, Brett Ridgeway, Sadaf AminiEllen Pratt, Cliff Cole,  Heather Dale/Ben Deschamps, Sam Edelston, Jody Marshall

(Subject to change)